Little Persia Restaurant


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Little Persia restaurant is situated on the busy Queensway, close to Bayswater tube station, yet it really could not feel more exotic. Channelling the atmosphere of the Middle East, Little Persia is a laid back dining room with plushly upholstered seating, tin-topped tables and dimmed, romantic lighting. Cushions and inlaid mirrors, coloured lanterns and bright paintings are just some of the small details that make this such a lovely space. Outside, in a theatrically tented space you’ll discover a ‘shisha paradise’ where Eastern water pipes are enjoyed in weatherproof comfort. The lavish Little Persia menu provides great variety while also maintaining authenticity; traditional spices and herbs are sourced especially for the kitchen where enthusiasm and skill results in a unique, high quality range of dishes. Little Persia’s food is free from artifice, much of the menu grilled and accompanied by rice and salads, making this one of the most saintly places to eat in. 



Entertaining is fundamental to the Persian people. Middle Eastern families pride themselves on hospitality and worth is measured according to how well guests are treated. Whether you are a family member, friend, neighbor or an acquaintance, you will be treated with the utmost generosity when dining at a Middle Eastern table. It is no different at Little Persia.
Our refined home-style cuisine is served with unpretentious abundance and, in the spirit of Persian hospitality, you will be welcomed like a member of the family.