Sarab Restaurant


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Welcome to Sarab – Taste of Persia

Sarab – Taste of Persia, established in 1999, is one of Londons’ first and finest authentic Persian Restaurants. Persian food will take you on a journey through the exotic tastes of Iran and into an unforgettable fascinating world of flavour. Our cuisine is a fusion of ancient Persia and Modern Iranian techniques. Sarab sources only the finest quality cuts of meat and the freshest herbs and vegetables.

Persian kitchen is one of the oldest and most sophisticated cuisines and its influence has quickly spread across the world. The cuisine is elegant, powerful and mysteriously attractive. It uses fresh herbs and combines meat, fruit, nuts, vegetables with exotic spices such as saffron, cardamon and dried limes. The pearl of Persian cuisine is a light fluffy rice. Celebrate happiness at the best persian restaurant in london, persian restaurant surrey, persian restaurant kingston upon thames. visit persian restaurant london, persian food, iranian restaurant, iranian food of awesome quality at Sarabpersianfood.

Be ready to experience the taste of ancient Persia and flavours of heaven.