Iranair Cargo


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ranAir Cargo operation in the UK
IranAir operates 3-4 passenger flights by A300-600 aircraft per week from London, Heathrow Airport, with cargo capacity up to 15 tons per flight.
Exclusive Advantages Cargo shipping by IranAir

  • Payment can be made at destination(CC shipments are accepted)
  • Benefit from 10% lower Custom duty and VAT at destination when you use IranAir

Reservations and Ticket Sales IranAir Reservations Department (UK)——- 020 8741 8000
Management IranAir London Office ——- 020 8563 7073
Station IranAir Heathrow Office ——- 020 8564 9316
Finance IranAir London Office ——- 020 8741 4865