Galleria Restaurant

The comfortable and relaxed dining room offers the perfect location to enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. here you will find casual dining experience during the day and a more formal surroundings in the evening. The Cuisine at Galleria is Persian but we have a very open menu which is not limited to Persian food only so everyone can come and enjoy.

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When you think of Persia – now Iran – You probably think of rugs and magic carpets!!

What is surprising is that their culinary expertise was renowned long before Aladdin or 1001 nights hit the headlines!

Iran was first to use many common herbs such as basil, mint, cumin, cloves, and coriander, not only for their fragrance but also for their medicinal properties . Many different foods originated or were introduced to the diet in Iran, such as oranges, pistachios, spinach, saffron, sweet and sour sauces, kebabs, almond pastries, etc.

The domesticated goat is believed to have originated in Persia. The goat’s ability to subsist in sparse vegetation made it ideal for domestication by nomads who are still herding goats and sheep in Iran today.

Persian cooking expanded throughout the Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, and Syria. Women have always been regarded as the best Chefs in Persia and therefore the ‘homemade’ aspect is strong.

The recent explosion in the Persian restaurant scene in prime locations of London has provided a great sampling of some of the finest cuisine of the region. Each restaurant with its own particular theme and specialist menu has brought from home flavours and dishes that are as popular among Europeans as they are with the Iranian community.

The national dish is rice prepared in several special ways and served in vast helpings with almost every main dish, and very few of the main dishes would be considered complete without it.

The Rice (Chelow) is prepared in several stages, boiled and steamed and served separately,. The rice is always fluffy and tender, never sticky and soggy. Often the cook will steam chelow rice with a thin layer of lavish bread to make a crunchy golden crust (tah dig) at the bottom of the pan, which is broken up and served on with the rest of the rice.

Chelow kebab which is derived form two words; chelow, meaning cooked rice, and kebab, meaning grilled meat is the queen of all kebabs and is a specialty of Iran. Most people know what shish kebab is, and many have already tried it either in Middle Eastern restaurants or have made it themselves at home. But be sure you have never tasted chelow kebab unless you have been to a good Persian restaurant.

In general most Iranian cooking is healthy and nutritious with many tastes, but is never too heavy or spicy,


About Galleria

Galleria Restaurant (Established 1995), one of the few recognised Persian eateries in central London, takes their food seriously.  Fresh produce, fish and meat dishes, salads and side dishes are created using age old recipes in a time honoured way.  The cognoscenti around Marylebone High Street, know Galleria Restaurant well for it’s Unique taste and homemade traditional dishes. We always aim to serve you with the highest quality ingredients and freshness to bring out the best of each unique flavoured dish.

The menu consists of everything from light snacks to delicious grills, all served with the understated elegance synonymous with the culture of Iran.  Their main specialties are in Home Made Traditional Stews and various rice dishes

Dining at Galleria is a delightful experience – it’s popular and booking is recommended in the evening and weekends. Oh, and you’ll have to supply your own carpet if you’re thinking of flying home!!